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Cat Chat 59

Madi Hawkins, the Director of the Habersham County Animal Care & Control in Georgia, talks about how TNR is saving thousands of cats from being killed in her shelter.

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Cat Chat 58

Meet Jenny Schlueter, Development Director & Feral Friends TNR Program Manager for the Tree House Humane Society.

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Cat Chat 57

Want to be a pet detective, or need one to find your lost pet, check out Kat Albrecht’s interview about her work with Missing Pet Partnership and get involved.


Buy Dog Detectives and train your dog to find lost pets.

Big Cat Rescue wants to bring Kat to the sanctuary for an all day workshop.  Would you be interested in coming?  What day works best for you?  Let us know in the comments.  We are thinking to charge about $29.00 per person to cover lunch and as a fundraiser to enable Kat Albrect to reach more people with her important training.

Let us know here:

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Cat Chat 56

Cat Chat 56 Merritt Clifton of Animals 24 - 7.  Get the show notes and links at

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