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Noelle Almrud the Director of Animal Care at the Cleveland Amory Black Beauty Ranch is our guest today with host, Carole Baskin, on Cat Chat.

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Justine Mikolaitis talks with Carole Baskin about about what “Animal Law” means to her.  We will discuss the very first case that she filed, currently pending in Miami-Dade Circuit Court which is a “gross negligence” case, seeking non-economic damages as a result of the loss of a companion canine (i.e., dog).

We will discuss “why “gross negligence,” as opposed to “veterinary negligence”, what non economic damages are and the topic of property law and dogs.  

We will also touch on “service animals” and “emotional support animals” and the difference between a “service animal” and “emotional support animal” and how they are treated under the law.

There is a lot to cover, but we also hope to discuss “pet trusts” so this is an episode of Cat Chat that you won't want to miss.

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Today Carole Baskin, Founder and CEO of Big Cat Rescue, interviews several of the interns at Big Cat Rescue, gives you a sneak peek at what we are doing for Giving Tuesday, talks with Vernon Stairs about keeping our equipment running and catches up with Jamie Veronica after she spent the morning at the vet's office with Cybil the Serval.  Also a book review on The Cougar by Paula Wild.

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On the 28th Cat Chat Show, Carole Baskin, the Founder and CEO of Big Cat Rescue interviews Patty Finch, the Executive Director of the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS) as they discuss Patty's love of birds and the benefits of being accredited by the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries.  More at

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Meet Scott Giacoppo from the Washington Humane Society in D.C. and find out what this life long cat advocate as seen in the way of changes for cats in shelters, adoption programs, community cat programs, feral cat, trap, neuter, vaccinate, return programs, fostering cats and kittens, and even the challenges involved in mountain lion sightings around our nation's capitol.

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In Cat Chat 26 Carole Baskin talks with Rebecca, Maria, Monica, Cecelia and tried to include Luanne and Rich, but did not manage the technical issues to get them on the show.  Monica talked about the history of how the Skip A Holics got their name and others chatted about how becoming part of the Big Cat Rescue family changed their lives for the better.  It is an hour long show where you can get to know a few of the people, behind the scenes, who volunteer for Big Cat Rescue from their homes.  These are amazing people who have saved exotic cat lives right from their computers.

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Today’s Cat Chat guest is Mitchel Kalmanson of the Lester Kalmanson Agency, Inc.  Lester Kalmanson Agency Inc. specializes in insuring rare and unusual risks.

Lester Kalmanson Agency Inc. specializes in insuring rare and unusual risks, especially when it comes to risks associated with animals. Simply put, they cover the Wild, the Weird, and the Wacky.

They provide liability and mortality insurance for all animals, from Alligators to Zebras — from pets to circus performers.

Lester Kalmanson Agency Inc. is a Licensed Independent Retail Insurance Agency with over 40 years of experience. Although they offer a wide range of general insurance options, they’ve made their mark by providing insurance for the Wild, Weird, and Wacky.

More specifically, they offer tailored insurance policies to customers who would have a hard time getting coverage from anywhere else.

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Dr Danya Linehan, DVM talks about litter box issues.  Why cats pee outside the box, what you can do to help change that behavior and signs to look for if your cat is urinating outside the litterbox that may indicate stress or illness. The video, photos and links from the show are at

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Lynda Sugasa of Safe Haven Rescue Zoo

was our guest on this episode of Cat Chat Oct 2, 2013.  She is the Founder and Executive Director of  Safe Haven Rescue Zoo.  Listen to past episodes of Cat Chat with Carole Baskin here.  See the video of this Cat Chat interview here:

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On Cat Chat 22 Carole Baskin, the Founder and CEO of Big Cat Rescue shares the stories of the rescue of Reise the cougar and how Big Cat Rescuers saved a wild bobcat who was hanging from one toe in a fence.

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